WeiNan Railway Station, Shaanxi

渭南南火车站位于中国陕西省渭南市临渭区沋河水库东岸,于2003年启用,为西安铁路局管辖的宁西铁路上四等站,曾每天共有2班列车停靠,即西安至商南的7007次与7008次。南站现已停用,已改为西站。 WeiNanNan Railway Station is located in the east coast of Linwei District of Weinan city China you River Reservoir in Shaanxi Province, opened in 2003, is under the jurisdiction of the Xi'an Railway Bureau on four Ningxi railway station, once every day there are 2 train stops, Xi'an to the 7007 and the 7008 shangnan. South station has been disabled, has changed to West station.
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