An English Civil War Re-Enactment Regiment in The Sealed Knot

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The First FootGuards

The First Foot Guards are a regiment from the Sedgemoor 1685 campaign in the West Country.
The Majority of members of The First Foot Guards are also members of Prince Ruperts Regiment of Foote.

The Sealed Knot Society

Ruperts are a regiment in The Sealed Knot. Created in 1968 the Sealed Knot performs re-enactments throughout the country and has evolved into a national organisation of some considerable prestige, a fact recognised by the grant to the Society of its own Coat of Arms in 1983.


The Sealed Knot is part of the

National Association of
Re-Enactment Societies.


Ruperts are part of Prince Rupert's Brigade - a group of regiments including:


The Earl Rivers' Regiment of Foote

The Earl Rivers' Regiment of Foote has been active in the Thames Valley area for over 35 years.
The Regiment regularly gets together throughout the year to hold events in Newbury, Berkshire. This can range from re-enacting mini battles, skirmishes to Living History events and school visits.

The Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foote

The Earl of Northampton's Regiment was one of the founding regiments of The Sealed Knot Society. The regiments patron is the present Marquis of Northampton, who, along with his son Lord Daniel Compton, maintains a keen interest in the regiment and its activities. The regiment has displayed at the family homes of the Compton family, Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire, west of Banbury, and Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire, just east of Northampton.

Sir Thomas Glemham's Regiment of Foote

Sir Thomas Glemham’s regiment are based in and around York, and the north east of England.

Sir Henry Vaughan's Company

Sir Henry Vaughan's Company are based in and around south Wales.