An English Civil War Re-Enactment Regiment in The Sealed Knot

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The History of the Civil War



Battle of Powick Bridge
Battle of Edgehill
Siege of Aston Hall
Battle of Aylesbury
Siege of Sherborne Castle
Skirmish of Marshall's Elm
Skirmish of Brentwood
Skirmish of Babylon Hill
Siege of Hull
Siege of Manchester
Skirmish of Chowbent
Skirmish of Wetherby
Skirmish of Sherburn-in-Elmet
Battle of Edgehill (23rd October).
Battle of Tadcaster


Siege of Sudeley Castle
Battle of Roundway Down
Battle of Ripple Field
Siege of Reading 
Battle of Newbury
Siege of Highnam House
Siege of Grafton Regis
Siege of Gloucester
Siege of Devizes
Battle of Coleford
Storming of Cirencester
Skirmish of Chalgrove
Siege of Bristol
Siege of Basing House
Battle of Aldbourne Chase
Battle of Sourton Down
Battle of Stratton
Battle of Modbury
Battle of Launceston
Skirmish of Chewton Mendip
Siege of Corfe Castle
Battle of Bradock Down
Siege of Arundel Castle
Siege of Kings Lynn
Siege of Bolingbroke Castle
Siege of Crowland
Siege of Chester
Siege of Lichfield
Skirmish of Gainsborough
Skirmish of Grantham
Battle of Hopton Heath
Siege of Hornby Castle
Siege of Houghton Castle
Siege of North Luffenham
Siege of Thurland Castle
Siege of Newark
Skirmish of Middlewich
Storming of Wakefield
Battle of Newbury (20th September).
Battle of Adwalton Moor
Battle of Winceby
Battle of Seacroft Moor
Skirmish of Lindal-in-Furness


Skirmishes of Salisbury
Storming of Newnham on Severn
Siege of Hillesden House
Skirmish of Gosford Bridge
Siege of Donnington Castle
Battle of Cropredy Bridge
Battle of Cheriton
Siege of Boarstall House
Siege of Banbury
Siege of Plymouth
Battle of Lostwithiel
Siege of Lyme Regis
Seige of Abbotsbury
Siege of Bolsover
Siege of Apley Castle
Storming of Bolton
Siege of Bradford
Siege of Biddulph
Siege of Oswestry
Siege of Carlisle
Siege of Liverpool
Siege of Morpeth
Siege of Sheffield Castle
Siege of Newcastle
Siege of York
Siege of Lathom House
Siege of Hopton Castle
Siege of Beeston Castle
Siege of Skipton Castle
Siege of Shrawardine Castle
Battle of Selby
Battle of Nantwich (25th January)
Battle of Marston Moor (2nd July).


Battle of Naseby
Siege of Hereford
Siege of Goodrich Castle
Siege of Devizes Castle
Skirmish of Culham Bridge
Siege of Canon Frome
Siege of Berkeley Castle
Siege of Tiverton
Siege of Nunney Castle
Battle of Langport
Siege of Dunster Castle
Siege of Great Fulford
Siege of Hambledon Hill
Skirmish of Isle Moors
Siege of Bridgewater
Siege of Belvoir Castle
Siege of Scarborough Castle
Siege of Leicester
Siege of Shrewsbury
Siege of High Ercall
Siege of Shelford House
Battle of Naseby (14th July).
Battle of Langport (10th July).
Battle of Philliphaugh (September)
Battle of Rowton Heath


Siege of Worcester
Siege of Woodstock
Siege of Wallingford
Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold
Siege of Shirburn House
Siege of Oxford
Battle of Torrington
Siege of Powderham Castle
Siege of Salcombe Castle
Siege of Pendennis Castle
Siege of Dartmouth
Siege of Woolsthorpe
Siege of Bridgnorth
Siege of Ludlow
Siege of Broncroft Castle
Skirmish of Burton Bridge
Oxford (24th June).
Battle of Bovey Heath


Siege of Upnor Castle
Siege of Colchester
Siege of Deal Castle
Battle of Maidstone


Battle of Wiorcester
Battle of Upton Bridge


Battle of Dover Castle


Raid of Gravesend
Raid in Medway


Battle of Sedgemoor
Battle of Norton St. Philip
Skirmish of Bridport
Skirmish of Keynsham


Skirmish of Reading