A 17th Century Re-Enactment Regiment in The Sealed Knot

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Joining Details

The Sealed Knot is a Registered Education Charity that aims to re-create typical events,including battles, of the 17th Century. Formed in 1968 by the late Brigadier Peter Young, DSO, MC, FSA, today it has a membership of over 4000 and is the largest military re-enactment society in Europe. The Society was granted its own coat of arms by the College of Heralds in 1983.

Its membership is drawn from all walks of life and every part of the UK from the far North of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. Most summer weekends will find the society in action whether at a major muster or regimental display at a country house or castle.

Where does the name "The Sealed Knot" come from?

The Sealed Knot was the name given to a secret Royalist organisation which in the 1650's worked towards the restoration of the monarchy, with little success. It took its name from the chain of the Order of the Garter which links sealed knots of Tudor roses.

However, the present Sealed Knot is far from being a secret society. It is run on the lines of two 17th century armies, and members are organised into regiments, largely on a geographical basis.

Recruits are always welcome to our regiment, most of whom are located in the South of England.

To take part in a Regimental or Sealed Knot event, you must be a member of the Sealed Knot.

Children under 16 years can march (and drum or fife) to the battles with the Regiment, but are not allowed onto the battlefield. They are able to watch the battle from the designated Safe Area with an adult. A Corps of Apprentices provides training and active participation for the 12-15 year olds at musters, and often they too take part in pre-battle cameos.

Any member of the Regiment who does not wish to participate in the battles, is welcome to be an "Adherent" and enjoy the camping and social events.

For more information please E-mail The Regimental Adjutant